Do FitBark devices have GPS?

No, or at least not yet.?At FitBark, rather than answer the question “where is my dog?” we focus on health, activity, sleep and behavior. Our goal is to better understand our dogs.?Our mission?is?to inspire a healthy lifestyle for dogs and humans.?That’s why we designed an experience that is?dynamic and has use?throughout the?day.

And here’s what unique about us:?through his or her FitBark, your dog anonymously contributes health and lifestyle data that helps all dogs and their owners live healthier lives. You can learn more about?FitBark Explore?here.?If you’d like?to be a part of something bigger, we’d love to hear from you.

Note: while we continue to look at ways to introduce?new sensors in the future, for now we’re extremely proud of FitBark’s?tiny product size, form factor and battery life. Introducing a GPS sensor at this time would likely?make our product 5-7 times as bulky.

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